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What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.

To John Fogwell business development through developing out of the box differentiators is the very lifeblood of business. As such he has dedicated his professional life to assisting entrepreneurs as a business consultant and business excellerator to take the next step in their businesses .

His life and professional journey was unconventional to say the least. He started working part time at a small-town law firm at 14 and started his first business at the age of 16. As the Founder and CEO of a Pan-African Private Equity company he has built a reputation as an “in the trenches” business man with an enviable ability to bounce back from extremely difficult situations.

In addition to his own business interests John has been involved in the launch, growth and exit phase of over 50 companies. He has sold everything from avo’s to legal services to zebra’s. Raised capital for businesses and projects across the African continent and had direct involvement in over $ 300 Million of trade whilst being internationally recognized for multiple awards in the financial services sector.

As speaker John enjoyed the privilege to speak on international platforms like Mines & Money in Mauritius as well as representing clients in over 15 countries. His ability and passion to invest himself into everything he does has on several occasions been termed “contagious” by clients.

John’s mission is to help African businesses and its people to unleash their full potential through maximizing creativity and providing them the tools to bounce back when needed.


The undisputed expert on African and Offshore business development

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By part of the process we can deliver results


Our entrepreneurial and business support services was developed over years of working shoulder-to-shoulder with many of our continents top businesses and executives. We deliver our services to our clients with the explicit intent of obtaining maximum impact and value to the client and as such we can guarantee a long-term return on investment.

Uniquely our ability to blend targeted coaching and mentoring with high impact consulting and development backed by the relevant technical skills deployment and training we insure that every client engagement is of value to our client.



Our clients generally fall within these categories:

  • Entrepreneurs that have a specific problem/issue and struggle within their business
  • Entrepreneurs that are frustrated in their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs that want to aggressively grow their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs that want to sell their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs in distress
  • Start-up and/or Brown Field Entrepreneurs
  • Family Businesses/Farmers







What does others say of John?

  • I have known John and worked with him for a number of years in various capacities. He is always ‘on top of his game’, always able and keen to provide grounded, well-considered and appropriate advice and input and is also supportive yet challenging where and when required.

    Roger Hitchcock
    Trainer – Catalyst – Developer – Director
  • John’s passion is not only inspiring, but it is contagious.

    Eric Lyons
  • From strike to operational site in 48hours, in a different country. John is a dispute resolution king.

    Japie Claasens
    Projects Director
  • John turned a defunct project into profits by getting 30 people to work together at a common goal, a true general

    Johan Heunis
  • Our sales team was grossly underperforming; John’s intervention turned this headache into our top performing team

    Tracy Swart
    Sales Manager
  • One of the smartest people I know

    Neels Grobler
    Legal Consultant
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Allow our team to develop a turnkey solution that address your business needs and experience the impact John Fogwell Business Excellerators can make in your business.
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