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Mergers and Aquisitions Workshop

Maurituis : 16-19 May
Purpose of Workshop

In a world that is fast becoming smaller and the pace of business increasing dramatically ona daily basis more and more companies are using Mergers and Acquisitions as an integral part of their business expansion strategy.

This workshop was intended to provide its delegates with a holistic overview on how to manage, conduct and implement transactions within the Merger & Acquisitions field with confidence and to start them on the journey of excellence as role players in the field.

As far as possible the material was developed in an aim to be in plain language and to be practical in nature.

It is our firm belief that you will find great value from this workshop and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

What does this workshop cover?

This workshop was developed with the intent to provide the delegate with a broad overview of each aspect and/or process that forms part of the M&A process. As such it covers the following topics:

Participants and Parties to the transaction
Steps as Acquirer:
Building your company culture for M&A’s
Developing an Acquisition Strategy
Establishing acquisition Criteria
Searching for a Target company
Acquisition Planning
How to value and evaluate a Target company
Managing the Negotiation phase
How to conduct a Due Diligence
Drafting of Purchase & Sale Agreements
Financing your Acquisition
Implementation of Acquisition
Developing a Post-Acquisition Plan

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